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Honorable mention in Forbes Diamonds

A&B DROB Ubojnia Drobiu w Żukowie - zawsze świeży dróbCompany A&B POULTRY Sp. Ltd., founded by Adam Aniszewski and Wacław Bastian on the beautiful land of Kashubian, operating since 1993. The founders were entrepreneurs with long experience in the poultry industry – breeding chickens were involved in since 1979. Over the first few years of activity of the company consisted of poultry farming, and then extended it also for slaughter. Since 2003, A&B POULTRY Sp. z o. o. is a company specializing exclusively in poultry slaughtering and cutting.

Company A&B POULTRY Sp. z o. o. recently reached the age of majority. Behind us is eighteen years of gaining experience, improving production methods and quality management, expansion of plant, machinery upgrading and expanding our offer to our customers. Our “certificate of maturity” can be a high position in the ranking, “Forbes Diamonds” for the year 2010.

Our advantages are not only the maturity and experience. They are also: ambition, dynamism, focus on development and improvement and the satisfaction of even the most demanding customers. In 2010 he made the expansion of the company. The area has doubled, so that production capacity is currently around 7 tonnes of chicken per hour. We combined with the expansion of the production line of accessories. We focused on equipment from MEYN – the world’s leading manufacturers of machinery and equipment for the food industry. This ensures that product quality meets the highest standards.

Not only our product line is top quality. Our chickens are reared in the heart of Kashubian – land of clean air and clean water, so that their meat is so tasty. And to do this could not spoil the taste, we have implemented a quality management system: HACCP and GMP.
HACCP System or Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point is aimed at ensuring food safety from the standpoint of the quality of care. It is a pledge that we do everything possible for the safety of the product and the consumer, with regard to laws, rules, good manufacturing practices and customer needs.
GMP or Good Manufacturing Practice is a set of standards that ensure high quality and purity of raw materials used and the finished product. Also provide full control over the quality and origin of raw materials.

Our products, with excellent quality and competitive prices have already found favor with audiences, even in remote corners of the country. And we – thanks to high efficiency of production lines and an extensive fleet of vehicles we can accommodate any order.